Elite Rental Group, Inc.

“the key to your apartment”

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At Elite Rental Group Inc. we primarily focus on apartment rentals and net-leasing residential properties. Our main objective is to fill vacancies for our landlords in a timely and professional manner.


We generally provide tenants that have guaranteed rent, i.e. government subsidies, agencies and not-for-profit organizations.


Each program we offer has its own distinctiveness and we use our resources accordingly to match our landlord’s needs with the best possible options. We also have solutions for difficult to rent properties; i.e. challenged and neglected properties etc.

Primary Business Address

3611 14th Avenue

Suite 603

Brooklyn, NY 11218

To contact us:

Phone: 718-819-3939

Fax: 718-819-3960

E-mail: info@eliterentalgroup.com